SUNRISE Company Limited

A Cinema Communication Company

Sunrise is unique amongst Japanese media companies, specializing exclusively in cinema related advertising and promotional opportunities.
Sunrise believes the cinema medium is one of the most impressive, effective, and cost efficient amongst the various media alternatives available to an advertiser.
As consumers become increasingly active and segmented, cinema will continue to provide unparalleled targeting and reach for results oriented advertisers in need of a media that can provide advertising with guaranteed and measured results.

Company Summary



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Office Locations:

Tokyo Headquarters
Kioicho Bldg 17F, 3-12 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Services Provided

Cinema Advertising Placement

Sunrise can provide its clients with highly targeted and efficient media plans from single theater sited to national campaigns.

Sales Promotion

Lobby posters
Product sampling
Pilot sales
Foyer display
The theater should be utilized as a comprehensive medium.
With screen advertising as its core, an advertiser can impress its targeted audience with continued exposure to advertising message throughout the theater environment.
Lobby promotions are amongst the most effective, making cinema advertising unique in its ability to bring the products and services of an advertiser to its consumer for closer inspection.
Purchase intention and product awareness is raised beyond the ability of other competing mediums such as television and periodicals.

Market Research

Response surveys
Product surveys
Consumer data collection
The contemporary advertiser must account for its advertising and promotional activity.
Sunrise is keen to work with its clients to measure advertising effectiveness. Sunrise believes advertising must strive to impact sales.

Major Clients

Over 500 Japanese domestic and multinational advertisers, government institutions and media agencies.

Sunrise Media Network

National& Local Coverage

Access to 2,800 movie screens in 47 cities in around Japan.
Access to over 100 million Japanese movie-goers annually.
Exclusive relationships with theater operators for research, direct marketing and sales promotion opportunities.

Overseas Network

Screen media buying partners in major US, European, and Asian markets.

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